Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don't know about some people, but I LOVE going to conferences! I have a great boss and co-worker, and the other members of the organization are really great. Especially the State organization. You really get to know people in the State organization since it's much smaller (I believe 72 attendees this year).

This year the state conference was at Graylyn. It was complete with butlers, a cadre of footmen, a couple suits of armor, and more free ice cream than you can shake a stick at. There was food EVERYWHERE. Except the first day, in which I was very hungry. But after that, EVE-RY-WHERE.

I'll update this with pics later.

Also, I suck at giving presentations. I zoomed through my section and then when I stepped back, I whispered to Sandra "did I talk way too fast?" She laughed and said yes, but it was fine. Ugh. But, I keep doing them. Hopefully, one day, I will suck slightly less. At least the state conferences are very small so that I'm not the only newb there.

The Sponsors:
Best Pen Award goes to Xitracs, as always. I love their pens and I grab one in every color at every conference.
Most Awesome Sales Rep goes to the Argos guy, who bought me and my co-worker wine at dinner
Best Free Thing goes to SAS for their awesome bobble-head pens. They don't win best pen because I treat the bobble-head solely as decoration. Apparently there is a different color bobble-head each year. I've got a red one from 2011 and now a green one from 2012

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