Thursday, March 08, 2012

Closet organization, with a little friction

After purchasing my new items, I wanted my to be able to find things easily in my closet. My closet is a little small and super crowded. I have a lot of clothes because I like to mix and match. So, off to TJ Maxx for closet solutions!

It might not be the first place you think of, but I had a gift card. :D

The first items in my basket were two sets of velvet hangers in hot pink and bright teal. They're honestly super lovely. They're perfect. They take up about 30% less space than my plastic hangers and they keep my clothes from slipping off. Oh and now my hangers all look nice together. Mostly. I need to buy another pack.
(These are actually cuter. Because zebra print. Duh)
The second purchase was a pants hanger, for all my new slacks. Previously, I'd just used hangers with pinch clips, but K-Swiss has hangers like the ones pictured below on the right. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. Pinch clips take up a lot of prime real estate. They had to go. When I saw a purple five-tier hanger on clearance, I had to have it.

Lastly, I spotted suit hangers. The top of the hanger was covered in foam and the pinch clips had foam as well. As much as I dislike pinch clips, I don't have a better way of storing my skirts. (I don't like to put them on the tiered pants hangers) I nabbed four suit hangers in lime green. (Are you not loving all of these luscious colors?) One for each of my blazers.

  • TJ Maxx
    • Velvet Hangers (2 packs of 18 hangers) $9.99/each
    • 5-Tier Slacks Hanger $4.00
    • Foam suit hangers (2 packs of 2) $5.00
  • Total = $33.98

As far as organization goes, I have a few other things in my closet to keep it tidy. In addition to the above, I have a set of hanging canvas shelves in my closet. The top two shelves are for long sleeved tee shirts. Actually the very top shelf is just for black long sleeved tees. Yeah. I really love black. The next three shelves are for sweaters. I fold all my sweaters and cardigans because they can stretch out easily if left hanging. The sixth shelf is for leggings. I don't put leggings with tights. Maybe I should. I dunno. The last shelf is for my cords.
For shoes, I have a shoe shelf that sits below all my blouses and skirts, and a hanging shoe rack on the door. In addition to shoes, on the shelf I've got my solid color tees and solid colored tanks. It keeps my casual layering clothes in easy, visible reach.

There are a few Sterilite drawers to hold other clothing. But that's boring. Not that this entire post isn't a little boring.

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