Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 new things before 30

Lists lists lists. I love lists!

I've seen many 30 before 30 lists. I've got 33 months until I turn 30, so I think now is the perfect time. I have to average around one each month. Which is a little intimidating since most of these are not at all doable in the next month or two. Yeesh.

I've broken it down into sections: Travel, Blogging, Fitness, Finance and other. I also reserve the right to switch something out if it cannot be completed. For example, if my 10 year HS reunion is scheduled for when I'm going to be at AIR, that's out of my hands.


  • Attend a JoCo Crazy Cruise with K-Swiss most probably. I've been wanting to go on a JCCC since the very first one.
  • Co-Host a Major City Twinfest (Las Vegas, New York or Chicago) AHHHH! That would be SO MUCH FUN.
  • Take a weekend trip alone. I think it's important to learn to be alone and be happy. You must be happy with yourself before you can be happy with others.
  • Take a week-long trip alone. Like above. Just longer. I like vacations.
  • Visit all the Smithsonian Museums. I've probably done this already, but I want to do it as an adult.
  • Take a classic road trip. With either Tiffasaurus or K-Swiss.


  • Blog every day for one month. Maybe today should be the start of this. Some of the posts will probably be boring, but, hey. It is what it is. But they cannot just be quotes or lyrics like I used to post constantly in my teens and early 20's. Or, you know, yesterday. (BUFFY FTW)
  • Vlog every day for one month. This one will be harder than above no doubt.
  • 365 Days of Photos. And, yes, some of these will be outfit photos :)
  • Complete a Wardrobe Capsule Challenge and photograph every day!! 


  • Start attending martial arts classes again. I cannot tell you how much I miss Kuk Sool Won. I was in Charlotte yesterday for work, and I realized I was driving down the same stretch of road I used to go home from KSW. My heart ached a little.
  • Earn a black belt if the above is KSW. If not KSW, be dedicated and consistent. It's all I can do.
  • Run a 5K (without walking) And by run I mean jog.
  • Run a 10K. See previous item about jogging.
  • Touch my toes. We're working on this. I think it's more than a flexibility factor at work here. I'll keep you updated.
  • Complete the 100 push-up challenge This is something I can and will start on immediately.
  • Squat my weight. This will be on the tail end of my 30 by 30 because once I start martial arts, I'm quitting the Y. I'll first need a barbell and weights at home. 
  • Bench my weight. I'll need to add a bench to the above purchases.
  • Have a dedicated workout room. Eeeeeeee. I want this sooo bad. A nice room, no carpets or rugs. Where I can lift, dance, stretch and practice forms. It'll probably be a garage or something.
  • Get a Roth IRA and max it out. I currently have an IRA at the college, but I'd much prefer a Roth IRA. I don't know why people are all "But you don't have to pay taxes on a regular IRA." Yeah, not yet. Dummy. I'd rather pay taxes on $5000 NOW than on whatever that grows to.
  • Debt Free (except maybe student loans) this should be completed relatively soon. In a couple months.
  • Have 6 months of essential expenses saved up. I'll be able to start working on this a week from tomorrow. Yes, that's my first awesome paycheck.
  • Indulge in a spa day. Massage, facial, and, you know spa stuff. I've never had any of those.
  • Play one song on the piano. I'm thinking something Disney. Maybe that awesome Mulan song. Or something 80's.
  • Re-learn French. I want to read all the way through Le Petit Prince without having to look anything up. Let's start with simple children's book.
  • Learn to sew. Mostly to hem and alter. I have a skirt that is currently too big for me. And a dress. We'll see.
  • Buy two veggies from a farmers market that I've never cooked before. Cook them.
  • Read the entire Narnia Chronicles or listen. I love audio books
  • Get a queen or king sized bed. That's right. We have two twin beds. I wish we had a big bed, but we've been broke. We'll we aren't broke anymore. Starting to save for a few large purchases once I get that awesome paycheck.
  • Attend my 10 year high school reunion. It'll be sometime this summer. 

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