Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Highlights: February 2012

Our work study got into grad school, so I made everyone 100 calorie cupcakes. Except I didn't have cupcake papers, so I just made cake and we guessed on the size. It was delicious.

I've been feeling lethargic again. Down. Sad. Not good. A little nihilistic.

I'm unable to convince myself to start playing video games. When I'm at home, I lie in bed and listen to audio books while solving sudoku puzzles. This has been going on since sometime in January. I'm not sure when. For hours. I eventually start up a Sims game and make a homeless Pete, Sir Tim, and  K-Swiss, just to see what they'll do. In less than 24 game hours, Tim finds a space rock worth $12,000. So, that game is over. WTG Tim you suck.

I'm going to stop drinking, or at least not drink much. Because I always feel shitty the next day.

I start playing some Facebook games to encourage myself to game. It doesn't work. They're stupid.

On the 11th, Rajive had his Movie Night. We officially moved it off campus since students weren't very interested. We had a potluck and watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was good.

Since I've been feeling down, I'm finding it very hard to go to the gym. And I'm not eating well. All the veggies I bought went bad. :( I made two servings of cheesy ramen to drown my sorrows.

Valentine's day: We went to a TMBG/Joco Concert. The performers were fabulous. The audience was super lame.

K-Swiss has his wisdom teeth out and I'm at home for 4 days in a row. (Thursday-Sunday). I boot up Oblivion and figure I might as well get 100 Alchemy. I still don't feel very good, but at least I'm doing something creative.

After playing video games for a while, I'm feeling better. Isn't that silly? Maybe not. But it's true. I cleaned the house, starting doing Khan academy and started working out again.

I have a possible full time job coming up very very soon.

I nicked K-Swiss's dumbbells and started lifting. I feel pretty good about it.

We went to Athens for the weekend (24-26) it was a lot of fun and it was really good for K-Swiss to see his brother.

It's Leap Day! ... There really isn't a whole lot special about today actually.

It's interesting the effect that playing videos can have on my mental state. I can be feeling like complete shit, but as soon as I am able to haul myself out of bed and into the computer chair, my brain starts moving again. I can pretend to be someone else and I have a lot of fun with that. And then, soon, I'm able to pretend to be myself.

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