Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Shuffle shuffle

As it stands, I work three days a week. Every day when I get to work, Chrome opens to Shuffle My Life. I click [play] and it suggest something new.

The week before I left for Christmas, SML told me to buy a Rubik's cube and learn to solve it. K-Swiss and I worked on it together. He found the algorithm and we worked on memorizing it.

I'm very good at memorizing.

I worked until the twists and turns were second nature. I can solve it without looking at any notes now. I'm beginning to learn to solve it by understanding WHY you make the twists and turns instead of just "because". How else can you learn?

Today's shuffle my life is super easy (see above image). I recommend you try it out for a while. It's a good thing to do something new every day.

Shuffle My Life is my Project Enrichment.

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