Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing with Polish: NYC vs Sally Hansen

Last week I was running a couple errands. I popped into Walgreens to buy a few things to treat my awful chapped lips. As always, I stopped in the polish section. Sally Hansen Ice Queen caught my eye almost immediately. Beautiful silver and "holographic" glitters combined with chunky blue and lavender hexagons. For a mere $1.99, it was most definitely coming home with me.

A couple days later, I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and, of course, stopped to check out the polish. To my surprise I saw the exact nail polish I had just purchased from Walgreens. Except it wasn't Sally Hansen. It was NYC Starry Starry Glitter. And it wasn't $1.99. It was $0.93. Well, I had to buy it to find out it they were, in fact, the same.

The bottles, with flash

The bottles, without flash (you can see the touch of "holographic"* glitter in here.)

A swatch of each, with flash

A swatch of each, without flash

Can you tell the difference between the two sides? No? Neither can I! In fact, I've forgotten which side is which. They really are identical.

I've had to swatch on this bit of white plastic for two reasons here: 1) I am going to return the Sally Hansen. I always save my receipts and I see no reason to keep both. To be honest, I'll probably just use the $2 to buy another polish. :) and 2) When I am 15 minutes late to work (or later) I am not allowed to do a manicure for five days. Once I get into the swing of regularly doing my nails, it irks me immensely to go out with naked nails. To me, its equivocal to stepping out without eyeshadow, and at the very least I always apply some MUFE #2.

I'll be able to do a manicure this evening and hopefully I'll be back to you later this week with a new polish post.

*For the record, when I say holographic, I don't necessarily mean that gorgeous oil slick/rainbow effect. Those polishes are, without a doubt, the most gorgeous holos. But in this case I mean glitters that flash in different colors. 

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