Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pants Off Dance Off

I recently discovered that Netflix has workout videos. There are 31 workouts on Netflixpilatesyogaabs. But I prefer dance workouts. I don't know if they are as effective, but they just seem more fun to me. Less drudgery. I've adopted one as my "WAKE THE FUCK UP" video.

Morning routine:
Get cat butt out of my face.
Roll out of bed
Feed cats* and refill water bottle**
Pants off dance off

Well, I don't sleep with pants anyway.

I trudge bleary-eyed up the stairs and tune Netflix to Dance Off the Inches. It's super-effective at waking me up and warming me up.

It's only 15 minutes and the women are, of course, annoyingly cheerful. It doesn't get me sweating and there are a couple moves that I just can't do. But it's kinda fun, especially since I like Zumba. It does a great job of waking me up.

And it's an excellent distractor from the cats trying to murder each other.

* Optional step: forget that Louis is in the downstairs bathroom and leave her there for an hour
** It's neither water nor a bottle. It's Cherry Pomegranete Crystal Light Great Value drink mix in one of those double walled reusable cups with a straw. I love straws.

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