Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A months worth of hauling

I did some serious shopping over the past week and I come to you with the most amazing Collective Haul! My camera is on the fritz again, so we're just using stock photos from Google Images. :\ 

Details below the photos!!!

from Urban Decay:

Found this bad boy on Craigslist


More pics and details after the jump!

My camera is not on the fritz, but this is what the Internet might look like if SOPA is passed. My blog would most likely be shut down. 

Any websites that are "designed for the purpose of offering services in a manner that enables copyright violation" or any website that allows user submitted content, essentially, such a Youtube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Dropbox, will be designated sites dedicated to US property theft.If you post an image that you do not own, you can face up to 5 years in prison and $150,00 for each view. 

That includes every stock image, every image you've linked too off of Google Images. You don't own that. That will be illegal.

Iff you all like the internet as you know it, you can say good-bye to it if this bill passes. And anyone who sits on their hands and says "This bill will never pass! It's too extreme!" is deluding themselves.

INCOMPLETE list of Cosmetic Companies who support SOPA. 
It might be easier now that I'm on a no-buy, but until this bill is beat into the ground, I'm going to do what I can to avoid buying products from companies who support SOPA. Unfortunately this means not shopping at Walmart, so we might be paying more for groceries for a while.

This one isn't cosmetics related but it's certainly a heavy hitter:

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