Monday, February 20, 2012

Monthly Highlights: January 2011

By Azura, by Azura! One month down. Twelve to go! I was sucessful at wearing a different outfit each day that I left the house. It hasn't gotten too challenging yet. Also sorry this is late. Because it is late, I've forgotten things. I need to keep on top.

I retrieved my X-Files books from my parents attic.  K-Swiss was a little surprised to see just how obsessed with the X-Files I had been.

A friend bought me all the DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Now I have plans.

I successfully used a Fauxnad nail stamper for the first time. I had a T-Rex on my ring finger.

Started working out again. Found these fucking amazing yummy protein bars: Balance bars COOKIE DOUGH flavor. K-Swiss tried to eat ALL OF THEM

K-Swiss and I both had 3 day weekend and it was wonderful. It's not often we get time off together.

Louie is in heat and has been driving us NUTSO. So we got her fixed. For $35. :) xoxo Spay Neuter Charlotte

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