Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Monthly Highlights: December 2011

First Week:
Karen and Sandra were gone from the 2nd to the 7th. It sucked. One thing I love about my office is the camaraderie. So, it sucks when you're alone. Sam got me a betta fish, though. I felt less lonely.

I finished the Skyrim main quest line and began playing Fallout New Vegas again. It was really freaking cool to see how your decisions affect everyone in the Wasteland. For the record, I went Independent. I did a cheater no-kill in which I toted ED-E and Boone everywhere. I ran away while they shot people.

Second Week:
We were off on December 8th for a Catholic holiday. Those days are always special because K-Swiss and I are both off on a weekday together :)

On my birthday, we had our annual IR office Christmas Lunch. We went to a pub/cafe thing in Cramerton. When we returned for cake, I got a cat. George is still unsure about the newcomer. George is concerned Louis might usurp her.

K-Swiss was quite ill this week.

Third Week:
I realized I'd skipped the gym every week since returning from Thanksgiving break. I resolved to continue to skip until after the New Year. Sandra rolled her eyes at me.

I caught and mostly recovered from K-Swiss's illness, but I had laryngitis for almost two weeks.

I moved from wearing very minimal eye makeup (black liner and mascara, a sweep of a skin colored shimmery shade) to remembering how much I love smouldering eyes and the heroine chic eye makeup. So, that what I've been wearing, with the occasional bright as hell eye color.

I've been wearing nothing but Lip Smackers and Maybelline baby lips on my lips. Mostly because they're super chapped. Also because it balances out the dark eye.

Fourth Week:
We went to Virginia for five days over the Christmas hols. I learned out to solve a Rubik's cube. I developed an obsession with feather earrings and Rooney Mara's Lisbeth Salander.

I bought a lot of nail polish, feather earrings, and a few video games. But I've been playing a lot of this one casual game lately.

I began and finished the Hunger Games first book in one day and I've been listening to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo while I play my casual game.

I spent New Years Eve dancing in a tight black lace dress and thigh high boots with my sister. She wore a tiara and a flowy teal cocktail dress. We looked very opposite. I drank a lot of Red Bull and Vodka.

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