Friday, January 13, 2012

Makeup Essentials

5 Makeup Products I Can't Live Without

There are days that I don't wear a whole lot of makeup, but chances are, I'd still wear these five.

  • A liquid concealer
  • My go-to: Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Medium
  • I'm not a huge fan of cream concealers. I feel like the consistency causes you to tug a bit much, which is a fierce no-no around the eye. I use concealer every day under the eyes, around the nose and over any blemishes. Hard Candy Glamoflauge is super pigmented and very intense. You need the tiniest dot to work with. It covers extremely well. In the summer time I'll occasionally mix a dash of this with moisturizer for tinted moisturizer. If I have no access to eye primer, I'll also smooth this over my lids.
  • Face Powder
  • My go-to: Everyday Minerals Matte Foundation in Winged Butter
  • I prefer powders to liquids for foundation because I want a super matte finish. With EM Matte foundation I get great coverage (for my needs) and a very matte finish. I'll use a fluffy concealer brush to set my under eye concealer before using a kabuki brush to apply the foundation to the rest of my face. It sets the liquid concealer and it stays for hours.
  • Black liner
  • My go-to: Milani Liquif'Eye in Black
  • This eye liner is so extremely creamy and super black. I have two pencils and they are both are half way used up. I cannot live without this pencil. If Milani every dc's it, I will write many angry letters. I will use harsh words. It's every thing I ever wanted in an eyeliner at a drug store price!
  • Lip Balm
  • My go-to: whatever is on hand
  • I should show you my lip balm drawer. It's nonsense. I have Lip Smackers (Skittles), Blistex (smoothie), Nivea (Shimmer, Milk & Honey, and Hydrating), EOS (honey dew, lemon, summer fruit), Maybelline Baby Lips (Peach, Grape, Pink, Cherry)... I could keep going ... Neutrogena, ELF, Burt's Bees, ChapStick, lots and lots of random ones. but I won't. Lately I've been reaching for Maybelline Baby Lips or Nivea. Nivea is super hydrating which is perfect right now, but Baby Lips has great colors. It's a toss up.
  • Dark Eyeshadow
  • My go-to: Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette - Darkest Charcoal Shade
  • This shade is so perfect. Use a c-brush to apply this lightly over the lids and then a bit darker in the outer corner. Use an angled liner brush to apply this to the lash line as well as the the brows. Smudge it out under the lower lash line if you want that more dramatic, kinda heroine chic thing. I wear this shadow on my brows daily.

BONUS: 10 Things I'd Prefer Not to Live Without
These aren't the OHMIGOD I'D DIE WITHOUT THESE but I'd really rather not have to live without them. Like, really really. So, briefly:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin (I like the shimmery-ness)
    • Excellent excellent primer
  • NYX Studio Liquid Liner
    • It'd be hard to pick a color. I have purple, blue and black. Takes a while to dry though. The black is blacker than Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner.
  • I Dream of Sugar Palette 
    • I use the bronzer and blush (similar to Orgasm, but less pigmented) every day. It's got a great dark brown, shimmery tan, and highlight shade.
  • DuWop Venom Flash
    • Love. Love love love. LOOOOOVVVVE.
  • Rimmel 60 Second Black Out nail polish
    • Where would I be without black polish?
  • Pure Ice Beware nail polish
    • And a glitter silver polish. And both black and silver at the same time!
  • Jordana Rock'n'Rose Lip Liner
    • Best lip liner ever. It's the perfect shade for my lips.
  • TIGI Luxe Lipgloss in Diamonds and Pearls
    • Lovely and glittery. It's got that menthol feel like C.O. Bigelow. My hair stylist started selling them.
  • Wet n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro
    • Sometimes you don't want to wear the heroine chic thing. You instead want the insane raver kid shadow instead. So, you use this fucking palette. Lovely lovely.
  • Mascara. 
    • I haven't found a HG mascara yet. I have mascaras I enjoy. And I wear mascara almost every day, but I haven't found a mascara I can't live without. 

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