Monday, January 30, 2012

Love, Mom

Well, we've been trying to eat a little healthier. At the grocery store yesterday, K-Swiss looked in the cart and said, a little unsure, "There sure are a lot of vegetables in there...." I assured him there was meat in the freezer and we were not going vegetarian.

Last night I roasted some chicken and carrots and put some aside for his lunch (I'm having spinach salad and some tuna). I have this super awesome Starwars lunchbox but, sadly, my lunch didn't fit in there.  K-Swiss's did! I added a sandwich baggie with two cookies and thought about leaving a note that said something along the lines of Don't trade your lunch! Be a good boy! I love you!

But I didn't.

However, when he left for work this morning with his lunch box and the book his reading during downtime at work, it was so cute I was inspired to take a "First Day of School" type photo. In classic FDoS photo style, his eyes are closed. I decided not to remedy that.

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