Friday, January 06, 2012

IAma Pore Strip Expert

My sister recently showed me and today is my first day using it. It's super clean and very nice. I'm a fan. I particularly like the "Stats" page. I love looking at blog stats, but I got tired of logging into a second site to do it. Stats didn't matter much to me anyway. However, Draft tracks everything for you! :)

Looking at my MaryCommentary stats, I discovered something interesting. My DIY Pore Strips post has, by far, the most page views: almost 19k page views. My next highest page has a little over 2k! Top five search words for my blog? 
  • Pore Strips
  • DIY Pore Strips
  • Biore Pore Strips
  • Pore Strip
  • Nose Strip
I decided to check "Traffic Sources"...



Someone linked to my website from REDDIT! Now, to be honest it's not a lot of upvotes.

But still.
Very cool.

Now, let's analyze why that was such a good post.
It's well thought out, well organized post, it's got images (which are credited), it's got an injection of humor. Above all, it's a useful post. It discusses something that people want, something people need.

This has me a little inspired to make more well thought out posts. Take pictures of stuff. Useful, good posts that people would be interested but also stuff that I'm interested in.

So, you there, reader- what posts would you like to see?

I do this a lot, I know, I know... try to beef up my blog. But for my 10-year Blogoversary, this year is going to be the year of the blog!

No. Seriously! I will totally try this time.

Current goal: ONE decent well thought out blog with photos each month. (In addition to my other crap). That's right. A teensy goal. But if I do well and I have more ideas, I might have more good posts.

Other bloggers: recommendations on how to keep myself motivated? I'm going to work harder at having my posts be well thought out. I usually just spit them out in 15 minutes. Hardly ever proof read.

Wish me luck. Thanks for everyone who comments. It's so motivational.

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