Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious

Sorry I haven't blogged, it's been an odd week. Anyway, I just got some new fishies for my tank!!! I've had only a few Long-finned Zebra Danios for the longest time. Today I added some Golden Algae Eaters and Red Minor Tetras.

Please note that the pics make my tank look a tad cloudy, but it isn't at all.

Below you can see the tetras right above the rock cave, there is one golden attached to the front of the tank (near top center) and one attached to the heater (back right). The danios tend to cluster top left and then dart around the top of the aquarium.

And yes, the background of my tank includes a handful of mini pin-up posters.

The danios:

The Tetras and one golden (he likes to hang out on the rock when he's not nomming on the walls)

I love love love having a fish tank. Fish are probably my favorite pets. You've seen my betta, Dovahkiin. I'm planning on getting him a 5 gallon tank and a couple friends (there are a couple friends that bettas can get along with) and using his current set up for a semi-planted tank with a snail or two for my desk. I'm thinking lucky bamboo and one or two mystery snails.

Name suggestions for the snails? 

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