Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy medium

Why is anorexia considered worse than obesity? If there were as many anorexics in the country as there are obese individuals, shit would hit the fan. I'm not saying that either is NOT a problem. Both are serious problems.

Both can be mental issues. Anorexia is definitely a mental issue. Many obese people are emotional eaters. They don't eat because they're hungry, they eat to forget, to feel better, etc.

Both cause serious health issues. Yet, no one is telling the fatties to go to the doctor or to get mental help. No, in fact we are celebrating overweight women in our country (dunno about celebrating overweight men. I haven't seen it). "Love your body!" they say. "This is the way God mad you!"

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mickey D's had a hand there. Feeding your kids french fries and Coca-cola at age four certainly isn't helping them out.

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