Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Couch-to-5K Kick-off! Week 1 Day 1

I can't run. I've never been able to run for 30 seconds without choking. Today, I took my first step to ameliorate this deficiency.

I've heard of Couch-to-5K from a co-worker who wanted to start running. "All my skinny friends are runners," she said. I'm already pretty skinny, actually, but not fit. No not at all. But I want to be! So. Running. Couch-to-5K.


I researched proper running form and how to prep a non-runner for running. I washed my workout capris and made sure I had a sports bra that would keep me from bouncing (I wore two, actually). I kept myself hydrated the night before. I dug out my mp3 player and loaded Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy onto it.

Then, this is where things veer off from the typical:

I actually went to the gym.

I know, I know. Pretty exciting.

Then when I got there, it looked like all the treadmills were taken. Bummer. I'll just take an eliptica-- Oh. No wait, there is a free one. DAMNIT.

Stepped onto the treadmill and started to walk at 2.5mph. Took my hoodie off. Put my earbuds in and turned on the book. Sped it up to 3mph for the next 5 minutes. Then I did my jogs at 4.5mph. It's pretty slow, but I wanted to go slow my first time. Get used to it, get a proper form and such.

It was... good, actually. Thanks to the literary styling of Douglas Adams, the 30 minutes didn't seem to drag as much as it usually does.

Most importantly, I didn't die. So, we'll call this a rousing success.

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