Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wasted On Steam

Not counting DLC, I have 57 games that I've paid for ($90.86), but never played.

21 of the unplayed games ($20.00) came in Steam Packs: $5 for five games. Usually, the full price of the games was closer to $50-$75. Recettear retails at $19.99! Generally speaking, I still got my money's worth from these games.

15 of the unplayed games ($15.00) were part of a Charity Game Bundle, usually a Humble Bundle.

That leaves 21 unaccounted for.
3 of these games ($11.88) are sequels, and I've started their predecessor
2 of these games ($4.00) I had played previously but did not own. Bought them because I thought I might play them again (Portal and Puzzle Quest. This is a reasonable assumption)
16 of these games ($39.98) were purchased on a whim. Some of them are on my radar and I plan to play them.

However, I've played over 700 hours on Steam and I've spent just over $300 on Steam and Bundles (not counting games I've gifted). All told, my games cost me $0.42 per hour. Even my most expensive games, my top five games (the only games that cost more than $10, incidentally) cost me $0.70 per hour. I am okay with this.

Anyway, I have loads of games I've never played and really want to play. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Magicka, Overlord, Guild Wars, Borderlands. I just get distracted by all my Bethesda games.

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