Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years What?

I don't really do new years resolutions. I mean, I do them and then I fail.

But I do have a couple goals.

As usually I want to keep going to the gym regularly. I want to strive to wear a different out fit each day. I want to do my makeup every day and not be so boring about it. I want to wake up early and have productive days.

These are all things I already do or have done regularly in the past, but I've slacked off lately. I just want to make sure I get back into a good routine.

I only have one true new years resolution. I want to get a full time job. Hopefully at BAC.

Now, on to something a little less boring. K-Swiss's Christmas gift to everyone was a trip to the movie theatre, where we saw the new The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film. Which I loved. I loved the main character. I think anyone who knows me is not at all surprised.

All the different ways Lisbeth's hair was styled have inspired me to try some funky styles with my hair. I don't have access to all my styling products and tools, so I'm a bit limited. My only tools are a comb and three hair ties. My only product is hair spray. I combed all my bangs forward so I've got a thick fringe, and then I parted my hair down the middle. On each side I did a messy french braid that terminated after about 4 inches, putting the ends near the hairline on my neck. Then I pulled the remaining hair and the two french braids into a short stubby pony tail. I really like how it looks, especially with the bangs and it was a super easy, slightly funky up do.

The movie also renewed my desire to gauge my ears just slightly and buy some spiral or tribal earrings or something. It's a thought I've been toying with for about a year. I wouldn't gauge mine beyond an 8 or 6 probably. My ears are currently a 12 or a 14 (I can't remember) and when I take my body jewelry out and replace it with regular earrings, you can't even tell.

Buuut, I think it's something I'll toy with for a little longer. Mostly because I'm kinda too broke right now to go out buying the kind of tapers and earrings I want.

Anyway merry frickin' christmas

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