Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Wait... I thought this was a *Beauty* blogging challenge, right?

Day 08 — A Photo That Makes You Laugh


I'm seriously going to rewrite this whole fucking list.

How about an NOTD? I'm using my webcam to take photos because it's really my best option. Also, I'm terribly lazy and can't be bothered to take nice photos and crop and whatever.

Anyway, I've been giving myself regular manicures lately. I have a problem with picking at my cuticules, but I don't do it if my nails are done. I just redid my nails last night in Pure Ice Twinkle using WnW Megalast Top Coat and Color Club Stuck On You Base Coat.

It's an extremely lovely color, if a bit summery. I think I was rebelling against my extra Christmassy red glitter nails from last week. It's interesting to note that under the exact same circumstances -- evening manicure, same top and basecoats, shower in the morning -- the red polish (WnW Rockin' in Rubies) chipped and Twinkle did not. It's held up beautifully all day with no chipping or tip wear, through shower, dishes, and depotting multiple eyeshadows. It's not that I'm super impressed with ONE WHOLE DAY of excellent wear, but it's emphasizing how much that WnW sucked. I think it might be that bottle. I have other WnWs which I love.

Anyway, here is your photo.

Aaand, I'm sorry for having posted that image. This blog has excellent photos of the polish.

Please, accept my heartfelt apologies for this and all future pictures.

EDIT: HA! I just realized that may be a photo that makes you laugh. It made me laugh :)

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