Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Treatise on Laziness

Ugh. Fine. I hate you all.

When I was cleaning my room today... I found... a camera. So you get some fooking pictures.

This is my makeup today. Pretty simple. I'm wearing
Face: Everyday Minerals Matte Base in Winged Butter
Eyes: L'oreal DeCrease primer, HiP Duo in Roaring (brown shade) on the lid, L.A. Colors Eye Candy (ivory shade) as a highlight, Wet 'n Wild Liquid Liner in Turquoise on the lash line with a touch of NARS South Pacific (teal shade) dusted on top. Oh and Revlon Fabulash.

Very simple with a lovely color pop. Perfect day off, running errands makeup.

Oh and I forgot to crop that photo, so let's pretend that's a tanktop. Also please ignore the hot mess hair. If you're looking in that general direction, admire the adorable clip I made. Tres mignonne, non?

And wouldn't you know it, I didn't realize that the photo I took of my eye was the one where I'd fudged up with the mascara until I uploaded the pics. Whatevs. Also I should've cropped by brows out. They need a little TLC. As you can see, I am not awesome with liquid liner, but I'm getting there. Looks much better with the eyes open.

And and and, just so you realize how much hell ass trouble I went through... I could NOT find a SD card. And my camera only has the internal memory for THREE photos. So I had to keep deleting and retaking. The photo below was already on there and I wanted to keep it.

Below is my outfit for my first day at Walgreen's about 2 years ago. That is a bona fide Walgreen's uniform top with "Walgreen's" embroidered onto the back. The male pharmacist said "Damn" and something about how he didn't know our uniforms could look like that.

I was told by my manager that I could not wear those shoes to work again.


fraukuech said...

Could you get any cuter? Love the photo of your 1st day at Walgreens outfit. Way to make a drugstore uniform cute! :)

Stargirl said...

Why thank you! Since my hair is kinda long I've taken to wearing little bows and it's adorable. Only it gives me a hankering to make more.