Friday, November 11, 2011

So many ideas, so little time....

Sorry I didn't post yesterday at all. Looks like this is Not-Many-Stops November!

I have a couple ideas for upcoming posts/series/etc.

  1. Swatches of some TKB pigments and micas along with shadows I've made. You can suggest colors and/or products and I can try to recreate them.
  2. A DIY Plumping lip balm, since that's easier than a gloss. I'll show how to and final product.
  3. Massive e.l.f. and Nyx review-and-swatch-a-thons
  4. A pile of nail swatches, maybe.
  5. A comparison of various eye primers
  6. Recreations of Temptalia's looks. I'll tell you what I used and you can tell me if I failed or not.
On a more exciting note, I did makeup and hair for our office work study today. She came in already wearing foundation and concealer. Also her hair is curly so we had just told her to do it like she normally does, but NOT in a pony tail. I teased the roots on top and spritzed a tiny amount of hair spray. Her curls looked so cute!

I did a very neutral eye, smudged out brown liner. Black mascara though, because neither of us owned any brown mascara. A very soft application of a light peachy blush (because I'm not sure how to pick blush for other skin tones) and I combined e.l.f. Watermelon and Pink Kiss glosses for her lips. 

BTW, I was extremely sanitary about all this in case you're thinking GROSS! I sanitized all the products I used on her, nothing went from product to skin to product. I used multiple disposable applicators. Oh, and we used her mascara, which I loved and may need. Anyway, she usually wears about 238492 coats of mascara and a thick black line. Everything I did was very soft. 

I (and my co-workers) thought she looked very cute and flirty. She is not used to having any volume up top (her hair is flat on top with curls on the side. It makes her face look wide and a little boxy) so she said she looked like a poodle. However, she did confess to receiving a few compliments on her hair today from others.

I would really really like to start doing make up on others. I'll need to get better about curling other's lashes and applying liner. I'm not good at that stuff on others. I'm going to practice on my sister. I think we're also going to give her some false lashes. 

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