Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Non-Stop November, one day late, but really long to make up for that.

EmilyNoel has decided to blog every day in November. I think it's a great project. I like having things like that. Unfortunately, there isn't a list of things to talk about. Oh well. I'm a day late, too, so it's not like I'm playing by the rules.

Fuck rules.

Yeah, Ima rebel.

Anyway, if there is anything you'd like me to blog about -- you being, Tiffasaurus Rex, I suppose. I don't think I have any other readers -- please comment and let me know.

Today's blog post is a flash back to the days of Stargirl's World. Only it's a lazy version. That's right. No pictures. Deal with it.

Listen, I can't find my camera. Srsly.


Okay, one photo. courtesy of Yeah.

E.L.F. regularly has free shipping sales, so I decided to take them up on the offer. Most things I purchased are not available at my local Target. I bought the 100 Eyeshadow Palette, 3-Piece Eyelid Primer Collection (no longer available), a few brushes(smudge, blending, concealer, crease), Complete coverage concealer in medium, and the HD powder.

The Palette:
The frosts and shimmery and satiny shades in the palette have great payoff. The mattes? Not so much. Who's surprised? No one, because mattes can be a bitch to deal with. Use a primer (hey, I bought one of those, too!) and they can work for you. The shimmers are also much softer and feel much more loosely packed. Over all, I think it's totally worth $10. I think it'd make an excellent gift for someone who wants to expand their eyeshadow collection and/or would like to play with new colors. Be sure to purchase a primer with it. Speaking of which...

The Primer:
This is the Essential Primer, eg the low end. The $1 not the $3. It is O.K. I think my MK and my L'Oreal are better, but it's decent in a pinch. It pops up the color a good bit when you first apply the shadow. After about 6 hours, I checked my eyes and there was slight creasing and fading. For some, that's fine. That's plenty! For others, it's insufficient. Also, YMMV depending on your oiliness. My eyelids I'd say are mildly oily, so keep that in mind. I would repurchase this if it was conveniently able to purchase it at the local Target (mostly because I do a lot of impulse purchases there). I would not repurchase from

The Brushes:
The brushes are, as all ELF brushes I own, soft and wonderful. The smudge brush looks like a stumpy version of a typical shadow brush. It's excellent to (as the name says) smudge shadow along the lash line. The blending brush is fluffy, but it's less fluffy than the other blending brush I own. I like the ELF brush better. I tend to use my other blending brush for a slight dusting of color, not for blending. The crease brush is pointy and works wonderfully with me as I attempt to perfect the application of a crease color. The concealer brush is tiny and works well for patting concealer on blemishes. I do not recommend it for under eye concealing. I'd repurchase all of these.

The HD Powder:
I am a fan of the HD powder. If you're using it, be sure to blend the powder out and it works quite well. It definitely mattifies the skin and just makes everything look a bit softer. My forehead, especially since I've got bangs, tends to get a bit oily during the day. It didn't today. Oh and don't use the puff that goes with it. Use a kabuki brush. I'd repurchase if it wasn't six bucks. I don't like paying that much for E.L.F. stuff. I might change my mind, though. I like it. I'd be neat if it were pressed so I could tote it around. (On that note, the Tone Correcting Powder might fill that gap. I have it and don't use it much. Unfortunately, you'd also have to tote around a brush, but that's what retractable kabukis are for.)

The Concealer
I haven't use the concealer yet. Okay, I just tried out the concealer. I'm not going to talk about staying power. I really like the option to go between the four different colors to customize the shade I need. It covered my blemishes quite well. I think it might not be creamy enough for older eyes, though. I may or may note repurchase this. I've got to try it out for a bit longer before I decide. I like the ELF Tone Correcting Concealer better, simply because I prefer liquid concealer.

It's a couple weeks from the holiday season (holy crap, really? Yes. Thanksgiving is in three weeks.) so you may be able to snag some seriously decent deals on ELF gift sets at your local Target.

P.S. I just thought up the greatest name for this. I was thinking of VADJ (vlog all days in June), trying to come up with a double entendre name. IN BED (in November, blog every day). You know, like the fortune cooky? Haha, I'm so funny.

Maybe this is why I have no readers.


fraukuech said...

Nice double entendre.

You should read Pride and Prejudice and Vampires. It's hilarious and fabulous.

Also, did you get my text? I want to come up to Belmont and watch Peter Pan with you.

Stargirl said...

My phone is dead. You should come up that would be swell. I was really bummed I missed it. Well, I'm really bummed now. Then I had taken muscle relaxant and it turns me into a zombie so I could think was "I think I'll just lie here and not move. Yeah. That sounds... okay."

But, I am really really bummed. You should come visit. I'd like you to do a photo shoot with me and Kevin. I will pay you even.