Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I wouldn't recommend this

I thought, you know what would be great? A palette of my cream shadows. And I don't mean my cream shadows from Urban Decay. Those came in a tube. I mean my e.l.f.,  maybelline, and Revlon cream shadows.

Unfortunately, upon examining my Revlon and Maybelline creams, I discovered they weren't in pans. The cream shadow had just been poured into the plastic itself. Well, lame.

Luckily, my e.l.f. cream shadows ARE in a pan! Lets do this.

Ugh.... The pans were SO weak that as soon as I slipped my knife in there and started wiggling around, it slipped right through the pan. That's right. Broke the pan. Weak. (literally).

So, no cream shadow pans. I don't have a happy home for the, so they're in shoebox with random other items that may never get used. C'est la vie. What a bummer.


fraukuech said...

You could always give them to...oh, I don't! I don't depot things. So, let me just take them off your hands. Um, but teach me how to use cream eye shadow first. :)

Stargirl said...

Maybe I'll give some of them to you. You need a decent eye primer and you use them very lightly. Layer a similarly colored pressed shadow and it makes the color pop