Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Day 09 — Favorite Pair of Shoes

Ahh favorite pair of shoes. I could wax poetic on this subject, but I was able to select three pairs of shoes.

One pair of heels, one pair of boots, and one pair of flats.

Heels: These lovelies were purchased on CLEARANCE from Target. Serious, WTF? Who wouldn't want to get these home ASAP? I took them home and loved them I get SO many compliments on these shoes. They have (I think) a 3.75 inch heel with a .5 inch platform. These shoes are second to my black pumps, but black just goes with more outfits. If I had to pick a pair of shoes solely (ha!) on merit, I'd pick these. The height and the heel are perfect, the t-strap is adorable, the detailing is simply lovely.

Look at that glorious detail. So pretty! (eesh, these might need a little polish. I need an up close photo to let me see that...)


I can't remember where I purchased these shoes, but I've loved them ever since. They are wonderful black suede booties with a very slight heel (.5 in). Super comfy. They are my constant companion fall-spring. I usually pair them with skinny jeans or a skirt.

The metal beads make a slightly jingly noise when I walk.

Last but not least: flats. Love these shoes. Where them when I don't know what shoe to wear. No detail shot here. They're very simple red satin flats. I bought them one year around Christmas time and since then, I think of them as my Christmas shoes. They go with me everywhere. Sometimes I'll toss them in my purse if I think I'll need a pair of flats later (I usually have a huge purse.) Also I loved wearing them to Kuk Sool Won as a red belt, because I was so delightfully matchy, hahaha.


fraukuech said...

I actually don't like those flats much at all. But my only pair of ballet flats are the same boring black ones I've had for years, so what do I know.

Also, you should probably give me those heels.

And I'm jelly of the boots. I need some flat boots kinda like that.

Stargirl said...

Those flats are perfect in every way. I'll have you know that multiple people covet them.