Monday, November 28, 2011

Beware, possible spoilers ahead

Please note that I'm playing this on my laptop on LOW graphics setting, so it appears as though I'm playing a game from 10 years ago. So I didn't really bother with taking the best screenshots because it's not like anybody is going to use these as wallpaper. Apologies. It's a really lovely game. Especially at night. Also in Blackreach. Just, less pretty on my computer.

I've finished the main quest in Skyrim, but there is still so much to do. My current character is Brynhildur Bjornsdottir, a young Nord girl from a small farming village in Cyrodill. She was raised as the only girl with three brothers. Coddled by her parents, her brothers took it upon themselves to toughen her up; after all, it's a rough world out there.

She specializes in two-handed, heavy armor and block. She's a classic Lawful Good character, if a little reckless. She likes to charge into a fight and worry later. She's extremely friendly and personable, helping out anyone who asks for it. She also prefers to go exploring with friends (followers).

*On Magic
Being raised by Nords in this era, Brynhildur's a bit uneasy about magic and doesn't use so much as a simple healing spell. It's been challenging not using spells. I always play as some type of magic user, whether it be pure mage or spellsword. In Skyrim, many Nords hate magic for the problems it caused leading to the Oblivion Crisis. It's been challenging for Brynhildur to come to terms with the Shouts of the Dragonborn, as they so closely resemble spells. Required to enter the Mage's College for a portion of the main quest, people now identify her as a member and a spellcaster, which actually makes her quite angry.

*The Civil War

Brynhildur ran away from home to join the Stormcloack rebellion but was swept up by Imperial troops at the border. During her trials as Dovahkiin and her struggle to end Alduin's reign, she's learned more about Ulfric she's not quite sure with which side she stands anymore. She doesn't think Ulfric should be in charge, but at the same time, doesn't think Skyrim should be part of the Empire anymore. That doesn't mean we ought to kick all other races out of Skyrim (her best friend is Jenessa, a Dunmer). Ulfric and the Stormcloacks have a habit of saying "Skyrim is for the Nords!" and that makes her unsure about their cause.

After defeating Alduin, Brynhildur is taking time to meditate on her next course of action. She's spending this time visiting the various regions in Skyrim and assisting the people of those holds. Subsequently, she has become Thane of Whiterun, Markarth, and Riften and has a home in each settlement. After assisting the people of each hold, she will finalize her decision of which side to join in Skyrim's civil war.


fraukuech said...

i read it all. and understood some of it. looks like fun? ;)

Stargirl said...

It's a lot of fun, you pick your character and decide what they look like and, if you're like me, you decided on a background story for them. For example, my character won't be doing any of the Dark Brotherhood (assassin) or Thieves Guild quests, because she's a good character. And even if there is a super sweet weapon lying around, she doesn't steal it.

Anyway, it is lots of fun. I love role playing games and the addition of the sandbox environment only heightens the enjoyment for me.