Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I think Hermione would've been a STEM student. She'd probably major in all four areas.

Yesterday I went back to sleep.

I know, I know. It's really hard! Those first 30 seconds are crucial. Heck those first 5 seconds are crucial! I opened my eyes and checked the clock. 6am. No fucking way, I thought. Wayyy to early. I went back to sleep and woke up a stinking 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Lame. I still stayed up until midnight with no problems though.

I played Fable 3 from 10-10, just about. With a couple breaks for food and to cook dinner. But I was like, this is my day off. I'll do what I want!

Today, I woke up at six am again. Okay, okay, I thought. I'll get up. I got up to use the bathroom, which helped, because of all the bright lights. I brushed my teeth. I think I might add daily flossing to my attempt at a better morning.

I stumbled back into my room. It was dark, I couldn't turn the lights on because K-Swiss slept in my room last night. Well, he heard me stumble and knock stuff over. "Are you okay?" he scooted over to give me room to get back in bed. "No, no, I can't get back in bed!" I told him. He knows about my new morning plan. So, he got up and went into his room so I could have my morning. Terribly sweet of him. Actually, he probably just wanted uninterrupted sleep. So, I browsed my daily Internets for a while before hunkering down to do my homework for this evening. Two problems. Two very long problems with five parts each. It took me almost three hours.

Multiple regression feels like Arithmancy, so I'll forgive the ridiculousness of it.

But, I'm done with homework. It's 10am. I need to have breakfast, shower and get ready for the day, put together my schoolbag. Only then can I sit down and play video games. I'll probably only get an hour of gaming in. I suppose that's why I gamed for an incredibly 12 hours yesterday! :D

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