Saturday, August 13, 2011

Female Video Game Characters

Today, I attempted to recreate the makeup worn by Faith in Mirror's Edge. This was inspired by my new haircut which the SO says looks like Faith's. Except for the bangs.

Plus her makeup is pretty sweet. Actually, on Faith it's a tattoo. Because she's bad ass like that.
I think I did pretty well, actually. I might be faith for Halloween this year. It'll be another year in which no one at my party gets it.

I never do the costumes perfectly. For example: last year, I wore a plaid school girl skirt instead of a khaki school girl skirt as a Battle Royale character. I hope I can find white or light khaki skinny cargos by Halloween. I'll wear my red converse pants and see if I can't find a decent messenger bag. Red fingerless gloves and black arm sweatband should be easy. It'll be fun to draw her tattoo on my arm with a sharpie. Or, more likely, make a stencil and have the SO draw it on.

Anyway, it got me thinking other female video game characters I'd like to dress up as.

Jade from Beyond Good & Evil

Mostly, the idea of wearing green lipstick rocks (just as Faith's eye area tattoo drew me to her costume). Jade is such a fucking bad ass. Actually all the women in this list are. Fighting against various evils and, not being overly sexualized. Usually a rare trait in video game females. Like, say, Bayonetta, who is bad ass but... dat ass.

For Jade, I'll need green lipstick, green headband, and green jacket. A white tank underneath. A single black fingerless glove. I will probably just carry the staff, and wear a the camera around my neck. Or maybe I won't get a staff at all.

Alyx Vance from the Half Life series

The best way to do this costume would be to find a Gordon Freeman. I'd be very likely to do this costume if I could find one. Maybe I'll do it anyway, if I go to a nerdy party. Alyx's costume is easy. Brown leather jacket over a gray/white hoodie. Black finger-less gloves, a brown headband and jeans. Alyx is Afro-asian, so she's a bit darker than I am, but considering the number of white girls who cosplay Alyx, I think I'm OK.

April Ryan from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall
April Ryan is by far one of my favorite video game characters of all time. TLJ was the first video game I ever finished. Actually I finished it twice just because the story is so awesome. I'm not always compelled to finish a game. She reappears in the sequel with the aid of much improved graphics.

Note that in the TLJ April is in Stark, a world much like ours with no magic, ruled by reason and science. In Dreamfall, April is in Arcadia, the opposite. A world of magic, where science is a mythical thing.

The problem with April is that she is largely defined by her costume. And if I were to dress up as TLJ April, I wouldn't be much dressed up at all. Skinny jeans, a black tee with a stripe, and a hair clip (unseen in this image). Dreamfall April would be much harder to develop the costume for. Still, it's in the back of my head.

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