Sunday, July 03, 2011

Subject: HI

I sent a drunken email to my daddy.

from Stargirl
to Dadders
date Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 2:01 AM
subject HI

Dear dadders
At least i have the presence of mind to sent this email to your gmail and not your official work mail. I figure it is only a matter of time until I drunk email you. Did you ever drunk call your dad?

I have this gorup of online friends who I sometimes hang out with and drink with. I don't have a lot of IRL ("in real life") close friends and that is how I like it. But these days, I think, that online friends are just as good. They are good friends. I mean pretty good. I like hanging out with them. Real friends take a lot of maintenance.  K-Swiss is my best friend ever.

Tonight I am drinking with these online friends. Don't worry. I have my drinking hat on.

Anyway, I told one of them about how yuou answer the phone " American Hero, please state the nature of your emergency" his dad was in the military too, he couldnt' stop laughing. He really liked it.

When I was a kid, you picked up my bike with one hand. I thought you were super man. Really! You were SO STRONG!

You are still my super man.

I thin I am going to click send before I get drunker. You know I get drunk sometimes. That is okay. I am responsible and do not drive anywhere. I stay at home. And I don't get so drunk I get sick. Not anymore. Not since I worked at Wasabi.


Love you dadders.


fraukuech said...

my favorite line: "don't worry. i have my drinking hat on."

i would love to get drunk with you sometime. preferably in my home or yours. all four of us could drink together!

Stargirl said...

I think that sounds like fun. We all must have on drinking hats.