Monday, July 04, 2011

Skins UK: lots of pictures, not a lot of words.

Effy Stonem

An enigma when she first appears. She makes me think of High school Stargirl (also known as FairiKitty), if she did drugs. Lots of boys "love" Effy and she fucks up seriously a few times, though she really really didn't mean to.

The first words Effy speaks.

Cassie and Sid

Love, some of the nicest love in the series. Sometimes, Sid can be a dumbass.

It seems to me that when Cassie is happy, she is very happy. Unfortunately, she is often sad.

Tony Stonem

Tony is kind of a dick. And does some dickish things which make everyone hate him. But he's still my favorite character. More than Effy who is crazy/beautiful and gets high and wears ripped fishnets. More than Cassie who is floaty and wants more than life to be thin. There is so much there. And he really, really loves his sister.

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