Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's all boy drama

I'm moving some old blogs I found over to Mary Commentary.

I thought Mary Commentary was my first blog, but I am quite wrong. I started blogging in high school and, well, it's interesting to say the least.

I've also had to make a Pandora Station with Eve 6 (the influence in HS-Mary is obvious), Blink-182, and Third Eye Blind

Before Stargirl, before Tokyo Pink, before GirlWonder, before D!G!TAL!S, there was FairiKitty and Evil.Eve

Before that was SaphireRhapsody[sic], who didn't blog much

You can find all the old posts here.


fraukuech said...

Read over some of those. I forgot about how, when you went to your JR prom, Mom was, like, obsessed with how beautiful you were. I used to be so jealous of you! I wanted to be YOU so badly! Because you were pretty, you got all of mom's jewelry, and all the boys liked you.

But you know what? Sun-in + push-up bra! What then! Oh yeah. Also, I have your puzzle ring.


Stargirl said...

"All the boys liked you" it certainly helped that I was regularly single. The boy drama in these blog posts is insane.

Reading that one post about Mom made me nostalgically sad.

I don't know how I keep leaving things at your house! This is ridiculous. Also an excuse to come over and spend the night and drink with you and Leo and SOs like we mentioned.