Monday, June 27, 2011

IKEA in a Kia

It was a bit like playing tetris, trying to get all of my purchases into the car on Saturday.

In addition to the Laiva desk, I was tempted to get two Laiva bookcases and one Laiva bridging shelf. There was a set up like that at the store. The desk goes in the middle with a bookcase on each side. The bridging shelf connects the two bookcases above the desk. It was quite a nice set up. Lovely, matching, and would have only set me back an additional $30. However, I have absolutely no space in my room for two bookcases, even if they are smaller than a Kilby.

The Kilby was hiding among the Billy Bookcases. I almost didn't find it and nearly went home with one, much smaller, Laiva bookcase. It's a bit like a skinny Billy, so I understand it's placement. I'm only bummed that it only comes in birch effect, and not in a brown/black color like the Laiva products. Narrow and not too deep, but it is superbly perfect for my simple needs.

The Laiva desk is really quite small, but it fits perfectly into my tiny room. I've got just enough room for my laptop, speakers, the Lagra Lamp, a mouse, and a beverage. There are no drawers. Hopefully it will keep my desk from getting cluttered.

Currently paired with the Laiva desk is the Torbjörn chair in black. It is quite possibly the nicest desk chair I've ever had. It's got a quite nice mesh back. At $40, it was my most expensive purchase, but I'm quite pleased.

The Kassett boxes are shaped to hold DVDs. They'll tidily store all manner of items and fit perfectly on the Kilby. I purchased a green and a black set. I'd like to get an orange set, as well.

Photos of my room update will be posted shortly.

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