Monday, May 16, 2011


When I get home from work today, I don't know what video game to play.

Here are my options:

*Gemcraft -- This has been calling to me today, after I read an article about flash games. It's a fun tower defense game. I beat the first Gemcraft and I've gotten through 1/2 of the second game, but now there is a 3rd.

*Fable II -- I still haven't beaten Fable II and Fable III is in the plastic because of this. Now, hover, we have a giant beautiful TV. So, it seems like I really ought to do this thing. Now is also a good time because K-Swiss has been attached to a PC game lately. That game is..

* League of Legends -- The game of choice lately. K-Swiss, Sir Tim and I all play together. It's free Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. I need about 1500 more influence points before I can buy my girl Katarina, and you get between 50-150 per game. Probably 20 games left before I can afford her (ghey).

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