Friday, May 06, 2011

Never ever ever.

Now, I really don't care if she's wearing a mini-skirt that shows off her ass when she picks up her dropped cigarette. I don't even care if a boob popped out while she was dancing.

I don't care if he's wearing a hot pink mesh tee (although, really? that is hideous)

Rape is never ever the victim's fault.

But 56% of women polled in the UK disagree. According to these women, you may be at fault if you:
  • wear revealing clothing (honestly! NO ONE gets raped in the winter!)
  • dance provocatively
  • accept a drink from someone (because, face it, only a slut would let a guy buy her a drink)
18% of individuals polled believe that most rape claims are false.

Well, after all this, it's not surprising that 23% of women at 15% of men polled had been made to have sex unwillingly. And of those asked, one in 25 said they would do nothing if they were raped. Most people said they would feel ashamed.

Come ON, people! You are exacerbating the problem. Rapists know that there are potential victims out there who won't do a damn thing because either no one will believe them, and if someone does, well it's probably their own damn fault anyway.

If I sound pissed of it's because I am. Two sure fire ways to get me pissed of: one) tell me that victim's are partly to blame for their rape, two) tell me that women who have died from abortions deserved their fate.

If you think either of those two things then FUCK YOU.

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