Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm lead to wonder if, in reporting this story, any actual research was done. Did any correspondent play the game or even view the bits about adoption in full? Did you consider that the whole point of the "adoption joke" is that there is nothing wrong with being adopted? That's the joke -- that Wheatley's insults are pointless and that being adopted is not a bad thing. You cut out the clip where GLaDOS tries to get Wheatley to explain what so wrong with being adopted. He fails. In the game, it is shown that Wheatley's insults are stupid. WBTV and Neil Stapel have twisted the context of the joke. How could the father of an adopted little girl be "shocked and surprised" to find that the game is saying that there is nothing wrong with adoption? I notice you don't mention the fact that Wheatley also calls the character fat and unpopular. Are you saying that it's okay to call people fat and unpopular, but not adopted?

The only press you are bringing is BAD press for Charlotte.

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