Sunday, May 15, 2011

F-R-E-E That spells free. Listia dot com bay-bee

Okay, well I have just discovered this website where you can get stuff for free. Like books. I love books. And other things, but mostly, I've been bidding on books.

Anyway, it's called Listia.

When you sign up, you get something like 450 credits. You can use these credits to bid on items. You can list your own items to get more credits (I now have 1400 credits, w00t!)

I've gotten Starship Troopers for 188 credits, I just won a BSC book for 61 credits. I got an Abnormal Psych text for 1 credit!!!! I only bid on items that offer free shipping or local pick up (mostly free shipping, because less work for me)

There is so much crap in my house that I need to get rid of... so for now I'm tossing it up on Listia to see if it sells.

You should join. Because it's awesome.


Also because if you join thru me, you get an extra 100 credits! Oh uhh and I get extra credits, too. :D

Seriously. FREE STUFF.

Auctions for free stuff at

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