Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just a slob like one of us

I think one of my problems with blogging a lot is that I used to "micro-blog" before tumblr was even a think. And now that I have facebook and twitter, I just tweet or update my status.

I found this picture on reddit. When I look at it, it makes me feel very small. At the same time, I'm in awe of the beauty.

I also looked at this picture and thought "this is the kind of image that would make believers talk about God." And I didn't think that because the image made me think about god. It's just that a lot of people I know attribute everything beautiful to god. Which is cool, I suppose.

Do believers attribute ugly things to god, too? If there is a really hideous girl, not diseased or anything, just U-G-L-Y (as in, lacking any alibi), are her looks attributed to god? Hmmm... Maybe in a "That's just how god made her, bless her heart" kinda way. Because, you know you can say anything as long as you end it with "bless his/her heart." My version of that is "ain't he a sweetheart." The ain't makes it a little southern, but it's not the cliched "bless her heart."

Anyway, that was just me wondering.

As in, not trying to stir up. Just wondering.


fraukuech said...

See, when someone has been praying and praying for God to provide and they finally land that job, they'll say, "Oh! God is SO GOOD!" Which is true. God IS good. However, would God still be good if they didn't get that job? If I never got married? If my best friend died? If the hardship lasts longer or never ceases? Yes. God is still SO GOOD. The trouble is remembering that.

God doesn't think that ugly girl is ugly. He thinks she's beautiful. Not everyone sees through my eyes. Someone who I think is ugly, may appear very beautiful to another person.

Example: Those idiots that think Julia Roberts looks like a horse.

Stargirl said...

Umm, seriously. Everyone knows it's SJP that looks like a horse.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the thoughtful answer. :)

TIL God sees everyone through beer goggles (jk)

Leo said...

So, when i first read this, I had the beginnings of a well-formed comment in my head. Whatever was there, however, has entirely dissolved now... of course.

I'll just say this: when I see something awe-inspiringly beautiful, I don't think or speak about God... not really. I mean, maybe I do, but you'd have a hard time finding half a handfull of people who'd agree that my thoughts or words were about "God." Most people would probably call them doubts, honestly.

And who decides what's beautiful, anyway?

Also, thanks for this. You got me thinking for the day... maybe more will come of it.