Sunday, April 17, 2011

If this post makes no sense to you, you're not alone.

I have wasted away my entire weekend trying to fill bars. Bars that are supposed to help Portal 2 come out earlier.

You see, in a weird and annoying marketing ploy, Valve is requiring us to play a selection of indie games, known as the Potato Sack, to release Portal 2 early. The more we play, the earlier it is released.


Such fail.

As you can see, bars are not yet full. The collective worshipers of Valve began this monumental task on Friday afternoon. Each "Current CPU" you see is a single person. So, quick glance tells me around abouts 20k people are working towards this. And still, we are not complete.

Now, granted, the potatoes have not yet come into play. They could suddenly throw everything into hyperdrive and suddenly, SIX HOURS EARLY!!!11!!1!! We'll have Portal 2

Fat chance. (Gabe Newell, you troll.)

However, we'll not call the whole weekend a loss. I played a few indie games (purchased during the Christmas Steam Sale) which I had yet to play. I spent many hours chatting with some pretty cool people on Steam.

But, you know. Still.... I'd rather have Portal 2. Two days ago.