Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Damn you Amazon!!!!

I opened reddit today and, it was odd... there were thumbnails. I have my preferences set to not show thumbnails, because it often ruins jokes in which the punchline is a photo. Also, there can be spoilers in the images.

So, I went to log in... and couldn't find the log in fields.

"Odd..," I though. I upvoted the top link. Attempting to upvote/downvote/comment will prompt you to log in. Today, it did nothing.

I started actually looking at the website and found the following ... which, you know, wasn't hidden at all, but I wasn't paying attention. There are often ads at the top of reddit. I have my preferences set not to show these ads.

Noooo! Reddit, how could you do this to me? :( AMAZON! This is ALL YOUR FAULT.

This poor sucker... It's his reddit birthday, the day in which, if you have a good enough photo or title, you can rake in the karma.

Everyone is going to be so sick of seeing the thumbnail of that dog that as soon as we can log in, he will be downvoted into oblivion.


fraukuech said...

Why is this amazons fault?

Stargirl said...

Amazon's servers were the cause of a large shutdown a week ago.

Not sure if this one is their fault but I'm blaming them anyway. It's over btw, only lasted a couple hours. Last one lasted a couple days.