Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Imgur

Alright alright. I can't help but post these photos, so I'm calling it your daily imgur (say it: "image-er").


Prolly won't actually be daily.

Also, I haven't been working on my huge post mentioned here. But I have been somewhat productive. I've been reading. REAL books, not just AWESOME mediocre fanfic (let's be honest, people). Started on The Virgin Suicides today. Good stuff. (I wish my book had the cover below instead of one based on the movie. )


Can't confirm the validity of this statement. In fact, I'm 99% sure that El did not say the following quote*. Either way, she's still a bad ass.

This, however, is 100% totally a valid Ghandi quote.

P.S. That's Chell (the girl from Portal) and Gordon Freeman (the dude from Half-Life)

Aww, buddy, it's okay. C'mere.

*Here is a good, and valid quote from the ineffable Eleanor: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Of course, sometimes that quote just makes me feel shittier. "Oh, you feel shitty? We'll that's your own fault. Pussy."

Probably because I have an extremely internal locus of control. Ie, bad shit that happens to me is my own damn fault.

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fraukuech said...

the sharks make me ***squeee***