Wednesday, February 09, 2011



Wooo! A new item. This is actually a reasonable faccimilie of what I wore today.

The red dress doesn't actually have a v-neck, I had to make it shorter, and it's a bit more pleated, but other than that, I'm satisfied.

Red dress (Forever 21), black skirt (thrifted) underneath for added length, generic black leggings (forever 21), blue and white button front (thrifted), black boots (Shoe Carnival).

I also wore a black pashmina (walmart) and the black corduroy jacket I've been wearing lately, but those were solely outerwear.

Oh buh-jezus.

As I'm typing this, I realize I forgot to include my bag. Which was this black fluffy thingy. Poofy.

Oh, and a bracelet.

Damnit, I will update this later.

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