Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Lime Green Versace Miniskirt, for example


I wore this to last night's Agora party. Next time I pair these tops, I will try and take a picture, I was quite fond of the look created.

This is the same outfit as the last, except add a black corduroy blazer (Thrifted) on top of the sweater and a teals scarf (Walmart).

Tonight is the Super Bowl party at work (the restaurant). I've got to wear something really cool, because these people only ever see me in black pants, black top, black shoes.

So, do you like this Polyvore stuff? Let me know. This playing dress-up seems to be the one thing that has kept me dedicated to blogging lately. We should rename this 2011: THE YEAR OF POLYVORE.

Of course, I'll probably just quit in a month.

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