Saturday, February 05, 2011

Maybe I just need more messenger bags.


There is nothing inspiring about this outfit.  K-Swiss and I are about to go out for sushi and grocery shopping. But, I just really enjoy playing with polyvore!

The shirt was the closest I could find to my black fitted Rusty tee (Plato's Closet). My Rusty tee has a bit of faded red on it, so I always wear my red chuck taylors (TJ Maxx).

I may have mentioned this, but I found a new love, a new thrift store, thanks to my co-worker. I spend $50 there the other day, and two of the finds were a brown (almost like a light mocha color) Banana Republic sweater (so much cooler than the one pictured) and Refuge Denim flares.

Oh, and my messenger bag is developing an inferiority complex.

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