Wednesday, February 23, 2011



The sweater was pushed up with the shirt cuffs rolled up, but this'll do.

I'm more pleased with my evening outfit because I've managed to put together an outfit that doesn't make the cosby sweater look like shite. But, I can't manage to put it together on here. There aren't any proper cosby sweaters.

To work:

I'm wearing a black mini dress with a kind of flared skirt (Nicky Hilton, from TJ Maxx). Blue button front blouse (Merona, Target), Black v-neck sweater and blue tights (F21).

Got home, removed the sweater and blouse and replaced 'em with a cosby sweater (K-Swiss's old sweater). It's black and gray with blue, red, yellow, and green stripes.

Tried to find one on here but failed miserable. So that mini pic is the best I could do. Teal ones in the pic to match with the sweater.

Serious, that picture is pure pure shit.

I just wanted to blog this so I could remember.

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