Sunday, February 20, 2011

There are only so many times I can watch them play Dead Space


Timmy has been in town. Ray, Pete, K-Swiss and Sir Tim are hanging out right now, actually. But I didn't want to go.

We all hung out last night and this is what I wore. I really love the outfit, compounded by the fact that K-Swiss kept saying how much he loved the gloves and how they looked with the sweater (which I cannot be bothered to crop properly today, apologies.)

Jeans (refuge, thrifted). FCUK IT tee (FCUK, duh), Red tee (F21), Gloves (target), Sweater (JC Penney, used to be mum's), pashmina (walmart), red satin flats (Payless)

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fraukuech said...

cute outfit!