Sunday, February 13, 2011



On Friday, we joined a few of our friends in gathering at the Mason's. It was supposed to be potluck. I brought corn casserole, as I always do. One person brought soda, one person brought chips and salsa, and one person brought pizza. It was the most non-potluck potluck I've ever attended!

I wanted to wear something very different-y. At least this time I have a photo to share!

I wore a prairie skirt (thirfted) that I bought two years ago and have never worn. I never would have imagined to wear it this way, but I was pleased. A blue knit cropped cardigan and black lace belt (both, F21). I put my hair into a high messy-ish bun and clipped a tiny child's bow next to the bun. I completed the outfit with black tights and my black ankle boots.

Under the cardigan and tucked into the skirt was a black AA tee (gift) but you can't see it anyway.

I finally had K-Swiss take a photo of my outfit yesterday. Unfortunately, it was taken in the shade. Unfortunately, his phone will not send the photo without downsizing it. Especially since it did not downsize the photo of the sushi. There is no option for changing the settings. I tried emailing, texting, uploading to social network and uploading to his online album. Each downsized the photo of the outfit but not the photo of the sushi. I am containing my irritation. Barely.

Oh well, you have a photo.
The sushi mentioned in previous paragraph:

Sushi was delicious. I wore this outfit to dinner.

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