Friday, February 11, 2011

Belied with false compare


Today would have been a great day to get a photo of my outfit.

The Purple Blazer (Gap, Thrifted) is a more purple-y purple than the mauve-y blazer pictured. Also, it feels more structured than that one looks. The top was a chiffon ruffled blouse from Miley and Max. It looks just like this one, but it's just black. I'm quite fond of this blouse. The high neck conveys a sense of modesty belied by the the sheerness of the blouse. (Of course, I always wear at least a tank underneath.) I wore my typical Miley and Max black jeans. I pinned a red rose brooch (gift) onto my lapel and wore my satin red ballet slippers to parallel that. I love pairing red and purple!

I suspect if you glance at the bottom right corner of this photo, you'll have a good chance at guessing what's for dinner tonight.

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