Thursday, February 10, 2011

I own a lot of black.


Ha! How boring is this? This is what I wear to work at the restaurant. I wanted to do a Polyvore for this, but it never changes, for the most part. Sometimes I wear a button-front, sometimes I wear short-sleeves. My boss isn't picky. Black pants (today I wore cords, actually, -JC Penny's- but I usually wear slacks), black top (today I wore a long-sleeved Mossimo black tee - thrifted), and comfy, non-slip shoes (mine are actually loafers from Walmart!).

I have a black half apron (exactly like the one you see so many waitresses wearing. I have a colorful spiral-bound notebook and a purple pen, for a punch of color. Oh, and I usually wear body jewelry for earrings. They are no-fuss and unlikely to snag.

This has been an excellent week. It really has. I have made $187.23 this week. By comparison, in the previous month here, I have averaged $108.37 per week, with the very best week at $127.65 and the very worst week at $86.09. So, yeah, I'm pretty damn happy about increasing my average by eighty bucks.

Unlike my last stint in as a waitress, I'm keeping a detailed record of the money I make. While I did keep track of the money I deposited last time, that subtracted out all the money I spent drinking and shopping.

100% of the money I made goes directly into the bank. Now, that doesn't mean I didn't go get a beer after work today. Because I did. One beer. One delicious Belgian wheat beer.

But, I used my debit card, so that I can keep track of the money spent. When I get off of work, I write down how many hours worked today, and the tips I made. The money goes directly into small bag (it's like a flat makeup bag), change goes into a separate location, where it waits until enough accumulates to fill a roll.

Every two weeks the money from waitressing is deposited, just like a regular paycheck.

Actually, the money is deposited on opposite weeks of my BAC paycheck. I get paid EVERY WEEK. Awwwww yeahhh!

With this additional income, I can help K-Swiss may more of the bills and begin to save some money. I would like to have $3000 in savings before I start looking for a car (which I need. Desperately.)


If you like SSHG and have an ass-ton of time on your hands, Imma recommend this. It's not the cheeriest of fics and sometimes I want to knock SS and HG's heads together. I'm in the middle of it, so gawd I hope it ends well.

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