Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm actually wearing the jeggings today.

I'm making a concerted effort lately to show some love to my closet orphans. You know, that quirky-but-cute blazer you thrifted last year, those jeggings that you swore you'd wear, all closet orphans that are just waiting for you to pick them for the first time.

As a result, I have been flexing my creative styling muscles lately. I'd really like to start photographing my outfits, but I need a little help in this department.

What I have: a camera, a gorillapod, and me.
What I don't have: someone else to take photos for me, a good camera. Not even a floor length mirror. I have this cheval mirror* but it doesn't do well for self-photography

I'm going to start scouring the bloggys looking for advice from other outfit bloggers who are taking their own photos.

I'd also like to find more Style Diaries. I only have three that I follow religiously. What are some other's that I should check out? Leave me some neato outfit bloggers to check out in the comments.

My faves:
Low Fat Dressing She is a little less quirky and creative than some, (see Kasmira of WIW2D, the next blog) but she layers a lot and shows me some neat tricks (like layering tights). I think we have some similar tastes in fashion.
What I Wore Today Very creative and quirky style, Kasmira encourages me to mix patterns and try outfits that I might at first think LOLWUT
What Would A Nerd Wear I've just started following this blog, thanks to my sis. I love this girls fashion. It's a thrifty casual chic style, plus she's a nerd.

What I'm looking for with fashion/outfit blogs: a couple photos and very little text. Daily or 3x/week updating. Creativity. A la Kasmira's tips for a successful style diary. WIW2D and WWANW for clues. Low Fat Dressing is a bit different some times, there is more text, but that is because I also follow her on her ups and downs through dieting.

Let me know any outfit blogs / style diary's that you love and tell me why! I need more fodder for my cyberloafing!

(*$10! Purchased at 11am, marked down from $20. This is why yardsales rock and why it's sometimes OK to be the late, sleepy bird!)


Tiffany said...

Clothed Much and Fashion for the Economically Challenged are two I read each day. Another really good one is

Also, you might want to check out 30 for 30.

Stargirl said...

Those are all perfect! You are a gem.

Tiffany said...

This girl: takes her own photos. You can tell 'cause she's holding a remote. Just stumbled across her today.