Sunday, December 19, 2010

Highlight phrase in question. Ctrl+C. Ctrl+K. Ctrl+V. Enter

I don't think she was really amused. She was probably peeved. Why couldn't I have just answered her question instead of being snarky? I have had people wonder this before. Well, why couldn't you just Google something? It's really not that hard at all. Let me show you: CLICK HERE.

That's so meta it hurts.

People get pissed off when you tell them to Google something! I don't quite understand why. In person, I would never do this, of course. But when you take the time leave a comment on Facebook that says "huh?" I just want to smack you.

And, generally speaking, if I'm leaving a status/post etc on Facebook, and you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, it was not meant for you! Ignore it! That's what I do when you start posting about your children's bodily functions.

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