Thursday, November 04, 2010

When today is yesterday

It's a dreary day. It's wet and gross. Not necessarily raining cats and dogs, but just enough rain and wet to be miserable. I haven't been feeling well, so the weather somewhat reflects how I'm feeling.

Last night, K-Swiss and I were over at Ray's apartment. We have loads of laundry to do. Loads as in a lot. Also, loads as in laundry. It got to be quite late. I was online, browsing reddit, commenting. They were watching Bad Lieutenant. I was beginning to get sleepy. I tried drinking a Coke, but lately, it feels like my whole body is sleepy.

We loaded the laundry into the car and drove home. It was 2:02am. I didn't have to work today and K-Swiss has to be in at 10am. I guess 2:02am isn't that late for us still.

It was wet last night, just like it is today. We have no gutters, so water has been spilling off the roof, dropping onto your head the second you stand still to open the door. K-Swiss grabbed one hamper and went to open the door. I stepped out of the car directly into a puddle. I whined. I grabbed the second, smaller hamper which was piled with hanging clothes on top; K-Swiss's work shirts. He held the door open for me, but his hamper was in my way a little. I was sleepy and confused. I just stood there. The rain from the roof dripped onto one of K-Swiss's work shirts.

"What are you doing? Go inside."

I burst into tears. I wiggled around his hamper until I could set mine down. We left them in the living room (they're still there). I stood there are cried. I tearfully told him I was sorry. He wrapped his arms around me.

"It's okay. Don't cry. You're just sleepy. It's okay."

I pulled of my shoes and pants, soaked half-way up the calves. I crawled into bed and continued to cry. He smoothed back my hair and gave me a kiss. I eventually stopped crying. I eventually fell asleep.

I wake up today, feeling sluggish and slow. I suppose it is a good day to be off.

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Tiffany said...

Sometimes I stand there and cry to. Except, actually, I don't stand. I usually sit. And Mike finds me in the closet, or bathroom, or in the corner of the kitchen. Crying, and I'm not really sure why.